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7 Hour Intensive Hands-On Workshop


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for Teachers


How to teach Computer Programming to Kids When You Know Nothing about Computer Programming! 




What will you do after the



"Fun, entertaining, and way better than traffic school"

- Kids That Code



For Teachers

  • No prior experience or knowledge required

  • We focus on hands-on activities in the computer lab.

  • Small class size for maximum interaction

  • Learn basic principles of computer programming so you can teach more effectively. 

  • We help explain and unlock the true power of the Scratch® program

  • Our instructors come to your site or you can come to our computer lab at Cal State San Bernardino

  • Tips, tricks, and best practices

  • Hardware & software review

  • What to do after the Hour of Code

  • Reference material provided

  • Certificate of completion

One Full Day Six Hour

 Intensive Hands-On Workshop

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I know absolutely nothing about computer programming. Will your class help me understand the basics of computer programming?

Hey, you don't really need a computer science degree to direct kids to a website and have them follow tutorials. However, your students will have many questions that you may struggle to answer. Consequently, it would help a LOT if you knew some basic computer programming concepts and principles among other things. We teach you what you need to know to have a basic understanding of what is happening when coding in Scratch.


Why should I pay for your class when there are plenty of free resources?

Actually, when we first started out we used free resources ourselves. However, after years of teaching computer programming to kids, we learned a whole lot more. We will show you what worked and what did not to save you time, money, and frustration.


I like hands-on activities because I learn better when someone can show me what to do. Will your instructors help me?

We are the same way too! Most of the time will be spent hands-on in either your computer lab or ours. We prefer less lecturing and more showing you what you need to know. 


How long is the workshop?

The workshop includes six hours of instruction and an additional one hour break for lunch. Of course, the start and end times will be customized to fit your schedule. The workshop may be spread over a few days if convenient. 


How large is the class size?

We keep the maximum class size to 20 people so you will get the help and attention you need. 


What is the minimum class size?

The minimum class size is 5 people. 


How much does the workshop cost?

The program fee is $499.99 per person.


What are the technical requirements?

A computer lab that will have a computer available for every person participating. The computers can be either a PC or Mac with an updated operating system. The computers should be able to access the Internet and have working speakers. A projector or large monitor should also be available for the instructor. 


When are the classes held?

The classes can be scheduled during the week or weekend at your site or ours. Classes held at Cal State San Bernardino will usually take place on the weekend and subject to computer lab availability.


Do you teach any other programs other than Scratch?

We sure do but Scratch is probably one of the best and most widely used for teaching computer programming. However, we are working on professional development classes on game development and mobile app creation to just name a few. 

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