Introduction to Computer Programming

using Scratch®


Kids will learn the basic fundamentals of computer science and mathematical concepts through a computer program called Scratch. Kids will animate characters and build environments while learning what it takes to be a computer programmer. Students already familiar with Scratch will receive advanced instructions and projects in game design using Scratch. 

Program Detail

(Subject to change without notice)


The goal of our TechXploration Career Camp is to let young children explore different technology career paths with hands on training, activities, and projects. We have developed an amazing program with the help of industry professionals to inspire young children to pursue a career in technology. We believe young kids can learn marketable skills NOW that will link what they are learning in school to career opportunities in the future.




Introduction to Game Development using GameMaker®


Kids will be taught how to design and develop arcade quality games with GameMaker®. The platform is a very powerful game development tool used by seasoned professionals. The graphics and gameplay are similar to what kids now play on their game consoles. In fact, games created by GameMaker could be played on Xbox® and PlayStation®

Introduction to Mobile App Development with AppMachine® 


One of the most sought after skills in technology is mobile app development. Kids will be taught how to create a professional looking mobile app that can be previewed on either the iPhone or Android phones. In addition, campers have the option to sell their apps on iTunes or Google play store (an additional fee is required from Apple or Google).

Introduction to Web Design with WIX®


How did we live without the internet? Fortunately, kids today have millions of websites at their fingertips but can they build one? Campers will design and publish on the internet a fully functional website. Instructors will work closely with the kids to bring their ideas to life. Talented web designers and developers are in high demand and should be for years to come.  

Introduction to Techpreneurship


Will your child one day start a successful technology company and change the world? According to Entrepreneurship Magazine, "most institutions do not teach the driving force of a 21st education: entrepreneurship - learning how to start a company, think creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. Under the guidance of MBA graduates, students will apply the skills they have learned to create and support their own fictictious startup company at camp. 


Fun & Games


Summer camp would not be complete without fun and games. Different activites are planned throughout the week that will be both entertaining and educational. Campers will be able to participate in our special Minecraft® tournament. Students are required to have their own Minecraft account to participate. The cost of camp does not include the purchase of a Minecraft license.

You may purchase the Minecraft for PC/Mac here!

Exclusive Career Map to Success


Every parent will receive a customized roadmap for a technology career of their child's interest. In addition, parents will receive information about programs, scholarships, and academic opportunities specific to your child's career choice for one full year.