Welcome Gear Up students,

We have a special "Paying It Forward" theme for this year's STEM camp in honor of the Arrowhead United Way's 125th Anniversary. Your team has been tasked to create a website for your very own fictitious non-profit organization. You will decide how your organization will help your local community or maybe even the world!


Every team will give a final presentation of their website to their class and representatves from the Arrowhead United Way on Thursday, June 23. Outstanding non-profit ideas will receive special recognition.

A short list of Non-profit Organization Ideas:

Animal shelter/Animal Rights Organization

Religious Organization


Environmental Organization

Museum, Zoo, Aquarium

Veterans Organization

Health Organization or Hospital

Women, Men, or Children Organization

Social Change



Long list of non-profit organizations by category



This project will be a team effort. Each team will have 3 to 5 members with the following roles:

Project Manager – helps guide the team to make sure the project is completed successfully

Content Specialist – a great writer that can write content for every page

Web Designer – responsible for the look of your website,

Developer - builds the website and is responsible for how it functions

Web Strategist – creates the idea for the website and conducts research into how to best tell the story.


Your website should include at least these four pages: 

Home page – the main page of your website with the latest information

What We Do –  How does your organization help others?

About Us/ Individual Staff Page –What inspired you to create your organization? What is your story?  (Use first names only, do not share any personal or identifying information such as phone numbers and home addresses).

How to Help Page – How can others help your organization? Do you want donations or volunteers or both?

Optional pages:



Design Examples of Non-Profit websites:

40 Effectively Designed Non-Profit & Charity Websites


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