Cool Careers in Technology

Career Day


Bring Kids That Code

to your next Career Day

event to inspire your

students to seek 

Cool Careers in Technology.




Fun, entertaining, educational,

and best of all, it is FREE!

How long is the presentation?

The PowerPoint is about 20 - 25 minutes long


What is the presentation about?

We talk about different career paths such as computer programming, game development, mobile applications, robotics, or even unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). We introduce famous people in technology too.


The presentation isn't boring, right?

Absolutely not. Our instructors are fun and energetic and very entertaining. The kids will love it.

Do you have a new presentation every year?

Yes, technology is changing all the time and so our presentation reflects the latest opportunities and advancements.


What is the cost?

For a limited time, the presentation is free


What time can you do the presentation?

During regular school hours or after school


How long can you stay at our school?

A maximum of 2 hours per school site since we visit multiple sites during the day. It is possible to conduct up to four consecutive presentations during a two-hour period. Also, Q & A may not be possible due to time limitations.


What day can you come to our school?

We try to accommodate as many schools as possible. Our presenters are only available on Tuesday or Thursday of the week. A presentation request can be submitted online on our website We require at least 30 days advance noticed. Our calendar fills up quickly.


What is the appropriate age for the presentation?

Minimum age is 3rd grade and above.


Do you have anything to give to the kids or teachers?

We like to reward children who participate with prizes such as our official Kids That Code pencils, pens, or string backpacks.


What kind of equipment should the school provide the presenter?

A computer with Microsoft Powerpoint software installed. A large monitor or projector. The presenter reserves the right to cancel the presentation if the necessary equipment is not provided.


How many times can you come to our school to present?

We request only one visit per school site in a given academic year.


Anything else we should know?

A schedule or agenda should be provided to the presenter prior to the day of the presentation.

"Thanks so much for volunteering to speak at our career day. The students loved your presentation. It was so engaging and they learned so much."
- D. Dombrowski, Highland Elementary, Riverside, Ca. 


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