TechXploration Kids Club

Afterschool Enrichment Program




The goal of our TechXploration KIDS Club is to let young children explore different technology career paths with hands on training, activities, and projects. We have developed an amazing program with the help of industry professionals to inspire young children to pursue a career in technology. We believe young kids can learn marketable skills NOW that will link what they are learning in school to career opportunities in the future.




Bring our University tested program to your school for an inspirational afterschool experience for your students!






  • Elementary & Middle School

  • Typical 6 week program (adjustable)

  • 2 hours in length one day a week (adjustable)

  • Specially trained instructors come to school site

  • Utilize existing school computers

  • Program content is customized for each school



Game Design with Minecraft® 



Computer Programming with Scratch® 



Mobile App Development with App Machine® 



Game Development with Kodu® 



Web Design with WIX® 



Animation with Powtoons® 



Animation with Powtoons® 



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Minimum 10 students required *

*Program fee will be refunded if less than 10 students enroll in program

We plant the seeds

and you watch them grow!